Born to the land of windmills, tulips and clogs; Nicole headed to Africa in 1997 for an adventure. Deciding that she should probably take a “good camera” to capture the wildlife she bought her first SLR and has never looked back.

Her moves to Hong Kong and then to Vietnam only fed more fuel to her passion. Determined to document the beauty that abounded everywhere she took courses, exhibited her work and became a founding member of the first photography club in Vietnam. Her work reflects the multifarious influences of Asian culture, its wide ranging fauna and flora as well as an interest in mannequins and the obscure.


o October 2010: Vietnam Quilts Photography Exhibition - The Snap Cafe - Saigon/Vietnam
o December 2009: Eastern Exposure - f/stopsaigon - Gallery Deli - Saigon/Vietnam
o December 2008: Magic Boxes - SA Club - Xcream - Saigon/Vietnam
o November 2007: Shutterbugs - Helen Savory & Co - Mekong Merchant - Saigon
o May 2005: Helen Savory & Co - Mekong Merchant - Saigon


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